Organizational Assessment Tool

River Network’s organizational assessment tool, available online, is a two-part diagnostic survey for river and watershed groups across the country. It is designed to:

  • Assist organizations in the identification of priority organizational development needs
  • Assess programmatic capacity to effectively engage and support project implementation
  • Assess the progress over time of the growth in operational capacities.

The online survey is divided into two sections, both which need to be completed by the organization.

Section One

This section is the ‘Status Report’, and seeks quantitative data about the organization’s programs and operational structures (#, %, $) and is completed by only ONE person from the organization.

Section Two

This section is the ‘Internal Assessment’, and captures perceptions and opinions from several people within your organization (board, staff, volunteers, etc), thus compiling a picture about the organization’s priorities and efficiencies. (If requested by the responder, the source of all perceptions and opinions will be kept confidential.)


Once everyone from the organization has responded to the survey, the organization will receive a composite report by email. This report will aid the group in determining its capacity building needs and its future organizational priorities. The organization will be able to interpret the data (with the help of a River Network capacity building professional) to decide which best management practices it may need to install and/or improve for the health and sustainability of its organization.

A Few Notes Before You Begin

    • This data you provide is 100% is confidential. We won’t share it with funders or anyone else. You’ll get a copy by email and you can share that if you choose (read our confidentiality statement below).
    • Be honest. Frank answers will lead to useful insights for you – and for us in our work to identify what your organization really needs.
    • Prepare. Look through a copy of the questions here (Word .doc format) so you can gather the information you need before you begin the assessment. You can also view the tutorial video at the bottom of this page.

Note: If you are returning to make changes to an existing survey that you’ve previously submitted, you will need to use the edit link in the email you received.

Learn more:

Statements of Confidentiality
River Network protects the confidentiality of the user on the website. Your survey answers will be confidential unless you specify otherwise. River Network will not share them with funders or others, except as aggregate data in which no one organization can be identified individually, unless you specify otherwise. You will receive an email with your answers, and of course you may share that as you wish.

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