River Rally Workshop Tracks

All workshops at River Rally will relate to one or more of the tracks below.

Drinking Water: Expand your understanding of the challenges facing our drinking water from source to tap. Learn more about the issues face by water utilities seeking to upgrade their infrastructure and ensure affordable access, how to use law and policy to address harmful contaminants in drinking water, and what it means to chart an equitable path toward clean, safe, affordable and sustainable drinking water for all.

Climate-Resilient Communities: Explore how waterways can be drivers of the social vitality and economic future of cities and communities and how communities can become less vulnerable to the impacts of floods, droughts, and extreme heat. Share lessons for ensuring more equitable restoration and recovery and bridging urban and rural landscapes and perspectives.

Policy & Advocacy: Grow your familiarity with the water laws and policies that protect your local drinking water, rivers and streams; get up to speed on new and emerging local, state, and federal laws and policies that could strengthen protections for your waterways; learn how engagement in water policy can help you advocate for your community; and discover ways to encourage and empower activism and demand accountability.

Science & Climate: Learn how community members are collecting and analyzing data to understand the overall health of our rivers and streams, how climate change impacts like flooding and drought are impacting our rivers and communities, how the latest tools and technologies can help us plan for a more resilient future; and discover opportunities to leverage what we’re learning for bigger impact locally, regionally, and nationally.

Strong Organizations & Leaders: Access new ideas to transform your organization; define and reach your professional goals; inspire your staff, colleagues, volunteers, and board members; center equity, diversity, and inclusion in your work and life; expand your storytelling and fundraising skills; and step into leadership in the ways that feel right for you.

Water & Agriculture: Learn strategies that allow agriculture and healthy rivers to exist side by side, what’s possible in collaboration with farmers and ranchers for clean water and healthy rivers, the connection to soil health and crop diversification, challenges of equity and justice in rural America, and examples of communities that have stood up against bad actors.


The purpose of themes at River Rally is to identify workshops that address universal topics that may be present in any of the River Rally tracks listed above.

Equity Diversity & Inclusion (EDI): River Network seeks to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in our work and in the work of organizations across the network. Workshops that intersect water and equity, diversity, inclusion, or climate justice will be noted with an “E” next to their titles in the final program.

The Clean Water Act: River Rally 2022 will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, which became law in 1972. Workshops that touch on the landmark policy that aims to make all US waters fishable, swimmable, and drinkable; or showcase successful use and implementation of the Act will be noted with a “C” next to their titles in the final program.

Mid-Atlantic Region: Workshops that address the waterways and unique economic, social, and environmental characteristics of the Mid-Atlantic region from the Delaware to the James will be noted with an “M” next to their titles in the final program.