Sneak Peek of Virtual River Rally Content

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The ‘on-demand’ section contains over 100 hours of recorded content including plenaries, workshops, and peer calls across our 6 themes:
  • Resilient Communities
  • Water & Agriculture
  • Drinking Water
  • Policy & Advocacy
  • Science & Climate
  • Effective Leadership
Here is a sneak peek of what you will find in River Rally ‘on-demand’:

Read full workshop and plenary descriptions in the River Rally program.

COVID-19 & Nonprofits

Plenary: “Helping Our Nonprofits Survive the Pandemic”
The impacts of COVID-19 on the nonprofit sector have been swift and promise to be long-lasting. How can we lead our organizations through these uncharted waters and respond in a way that keeps us missionfocused, responsive, nimble and viable? Our panel of nonprofit experts will explore some of the most salient issues we face today. Liz Banse, Senior Program Director, Resource Media; Jose Luis Marantes, The Management Center; and Andy Robinson, Andy Robinson Consulting

Plenary “Water, Equity, and Sustainability – COVID-19 and Beyond”
Watch the panel to learn how COVID-19 has impacted our thinking about what we need to do to achieve water equity and sustainability in the near- and long-term? Learn about new opportunities to move policy reform forward and create new collaborations. Lynn Broaddus, Broadview Collaborative; Ronda ChampmanPolicyLink; Andy Kricun, Moonshot Missions; and Jonathan Nelson, Community Water Center

Panelists Jose Luis Marantes, Liz Banse and Andy Robinson discuss how to foster connectivity on your team and how to fundraise during a crisis in “Helping Our Nonprofits Survive the Pandemic.”

Karla Noboa discusses different resources to keep up momentum for river clean-ups during COVID-19 in “Addressing Litter in Your Community in COVID Times.”

Water & Social Justice

Sessions marked with an “E” in River Rally ‘on demand’ intersect with equity, diversity, inclusion or climate justice.

“Building Multi-Racial Organizations for Our Waters”
We will discuss the differences between diversity, equity, inclusion, and multi-racial leadership and share stories – both successes and challenges—as Milwaukee Water Commons works to build a multiracial organization focused on our waters. Brenda Coley and Kirsten Shead, Milwaukee Water Commons

“A Tale of Two Richmonds: Equity, Climate, & History”
In Richmond, VA, and Richmond, CA, we’re examining the impact of climate change on our communities through the lens of historic policies of discrimination. Learn how data and communitybased conversations are shaping climate resilience strategies. Rob Jones, Groundwork RVA; Matt Holmes, Groundwork Richmond

Brenda Coley and Kirsten Shead of Milwaukee Water Commons discuss de-centering whiteness and call for the creation of a society that revolves around a multi-cultural center in “Building Multi-Racial Organizations for Our Waters.”

“Mobilizing Communities in Land and Water Work”
Learn from stewardship leaders in Detroit and Kansas City about how to revitalize and build resilient communities through service learning, green infrastructure, clean water access, and prioritizing economic opportunities that benefit neighborhoods. Jill Erickson, Heartland Conservation Alliance; Alicia Smith, Freshwater Future and Urban Waters Learning Network 2020 Environmental Justice and Equity Award winner.

“Making a Stronger Case for Water”
Take a deep dive into communicating about water conservation. In a highly interactive workshop, we will explore assumptions about diversity (geographic, ethnic, economic), the place of climate in our work, and what we can learn from other movements. Brandon Hayes, Bold Bison Communications and Consulting

Learn about the messaging that resonates with local supporters from River Rally attendees and Brandon of Bold Bison Consulting. Reflect personally on what movements inspire you in “Making a Stronger Case for Water.”

Science & Climate

“Plastics Crisis: Fighting a Petrochemical Buildout”
Break Free From Plastic is a global movement that seeks to shift the narrative of plastics toward rural and urban communities who face disproportionate impacts from plastics production. Learn how to weave these themes into your ongoing advocacy work. Yvette Arellano, Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (t.e.j.a.s.); Tricia Cortez, Rio Grande International Study Center (RGISC Inc.)

“Streamline the Life Cycle of Your Data”
Have yellowed data collection sheets jammed in a cabinet? This workshop is for you. The Water Data Collaborative wants to help you manage, integrate, and visualize their data. Learn a streamlined process and best practice resources to quickly collect and disseminate data with resources like Water Reporter, Salt Watch, and open data management tools. John Dawes, Chesapeake Commons; Sam Briggs, Izaak Walton League of America; Adam Griggs, River Network

In “Plastics Crisis: Fighting a Petrochemical Buildout,” Yvette Arellano of t.e.j.a.s. identifies the work that needs to be done in communities to address the petrochemical buildout.

“Peer Call: Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Planning”
Join this peer call to discuss ways to approach climate adaption in your community, whether urban, rural, or both. Gwen Griffith, Model Forest Policy Program, Wendy Ogilvie, Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds, and Kristine Surfus, National Association of Clean Water Agencies will be on this call to share some of their experiences and discuss with participants how this can be applied to create climate resilient watersheds in other places.

“Making a Splash When Talking About River Flows”
In this interactive training, participants will learn how to navigate messaging to different audiences in red states. Discover which messages will resonate with each audience and who should be the messenger. Eric Eckl, Water Words That Work, LLC

Miranda Chien-Hale explains EPA’s “How’s My Waterway” application, the data it provides, how the tool can be used by local groups, and new features to be released in 2020.