Leslie WoollenweberInstitutional Relations Director

Leslie Woollenweber

Boulder, Colorado

Leslie brings more than a decade of experience in conservation, development, program management and community engagement to her role with River Network. After beginning her career in the life sciences industry, Leslie spent six years at a Southern California land trust, overseeing the organization’s watershed protection initiatives involving invasives management, habitat restoration, volunteer stewardship and nature education for all ages. Here, she was inspired by the beauty and resilience of the ecosystems that persist in delicate balance despite enormous development pressure and demand for water in one of the most biodiverse regions of the US. In Colorado, she continued her non-profit career in the areas of humanitarian aid, outdoor recreation and land conservation before joining River Network, where she fosters strong partnerships to support River Network’s critical work in ensuring a future of clean water and healthy rivers for all living things.

Leslie has a BA in biochemistry and an MBA with an emphasis in international business. In her spare time, Leslie delights in creating pollinator habitat, amateur homesteading and trying to keep up with her two active senior rescue gals, Emily and Belle, on the trails.