Victoria YuMembership and Operations Associate

    Victoria Yu

    Victoria manages River Network’s Membership program and provides fantastic customer service to River Network’s many organizational, professional, student and corporate members. In addition, she supports River Network’s operations and office management. At River Network, she appreciates working with the staff and enjoys seeing the benefits of all that we do. Victoria takes particular pride in the fact that River Network is there to help everyone maintain access to clean water.  “It’s such a basic human right, and we don’t think about these issues until things go terribly wrong,” she reflects.

    In previous lives, Victoria was an Art and Computer Science teacher at the Ricks Center for Gifted Children and worked for a Denver investment advisor attending to all client services, as well as building and maintaining the office computers.  Before that, she worked for ten years as an accountant and independent hot glass artist.

    Victoria grew up in the water in Miami and Southern California and says she is more happy in the water than on land. During her childhood she spent a lot of time in the water, was on swimming and diving teams, and worked on her stepdad’s fishing boat, sometimes spearfishing. Educated at the University of Colorado in Boulder and Metro State College, Victoria works at our Boulder headquarters office.