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Our Mission and Vision

River Network empowers and unites people and communities to protect and restore rivers and other waters that sustain all life. We envision a future with clean and ample water for people and nature, where local caretakers are well-equipped, effective and courageous champions for our rivers. Read Our Story!

Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan marks an inflection point for River Network. It reexamines and redefines our unique role and serves as our road map for the future. Learn about the three strategies that focus our investments!

River Network 2.0
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Our Team

Our team at River Network consists of talented and dedicated staff and board members who boldly drive this organization forward. Meet the River Network team!

  • "On many occasions, River Network has provided much needed facilitation services and technical assistance at little or no cost. For example, during the BP oil disaster, their Southeast organizer assisted us in facilitating a meeting of NGOs from across the Gulf to develop a Gulf-wide collaboration focused on an agreed "restoration" agenda. That collaboration continues to work to implement the restoration agenda developed at that meeting. River Network is very responsive to member needs and provides important technical assistance and training to nonprofit groups."

    Cyn Sarthou
    Cyn Sarthou Gulf Restoration Network