Strategic Plan

Joy and hope for our planet flows through our rivers.

Building upon our three decades supporting community members and organizations working on the ground to protect waters across the US, River Network developed a refreshed Strategic Plan for 2023-2026 to focus our efforts and clearly define our future for collective impact through a powerful, inclusive network. Today, our national network includes over 2,200 individual members representing 750 organizations working to ensure abundant clean water for all people and nature to thrive. This network connects our rural and urban areas, supports local and regional groups, and represents our immense collective power.

Recognizing River Network’s leadership role and shared accountability for the health of water across the US and the many people who call it home, our Strategic Plan concludes with three ambitious focus areas. These focus areas define the network’s impact working collectively over time, frame our work, and represent the future for people and nature we envision and are helping to create.

  • Healthy, Resilient Rivers
  • Safe, Affordable Drinking Water
  • Climate-Resilient Communities

This plan lays the foundation for our next three years with a clearer vision, shared purpose, and actionable priorities, while leaving ourselves open to the opportunities that change brings.

Our gratitude to Due East Partners for guiding the development of this refreshed Strategic Plan.