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River Voices January 2019: The Future of Water Policy

Welcome to the January 2019 edition of River Voices. Read our 2018 water policy round-up and get set for what’s ahead in 2019. Plus, meet River Network’s membership and operations associate, Carly Schmidt, and Cindy Lowry, executive director of the Alabama Rivers Alliance, and check out the latest webinars and funding opportunities.

River Voices December 2018: Latino & Hispanic Engagement

Welcome to the December 2018 edition of River Voices. We’re pleased to present (in English and Spanish) River Network’s Latino and Hispanic Community Engagement: Best Practices for Water Groups. Plus, meet our network (Cindy Chang), and check out the latest webinars, funding opportunities, and our Emerging Leader Award announcement.

River Voices November 2018: River Network’s 30th Anniversary

Welcome to the November 2018 edition of River Voices. We’re celebrating River Network’s 30th Anniversary as an organization, from our humble origins to supporting a thriving network of 6,000+ groups today. Check out the latest webinars, plus our call for River Heroes nominations, due November 10th.

River Voices October 2018: 50 Years of Wild & Scenic Rivers

Welcome to the October 2018 edition of River Voices. We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, which now protects over 12,000 miles of 200+ rivers. Check out the latest learning opportunities and webinars, plus the new River Rally 2019 workshop proposal deadline, October 31.

River Voices September 2018: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Welcome to the September 2018 edition of River Voices. Join us as we review our journey to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion in the movement for our waters. Meet some inspiring champions in our growing network. Plus, sign up for September learning opportunities and webinars. Reminder: River Rally 2019 workshop proposals are due October 1!

River Voices August 2018: Why Citizen Science Matters

Welcome to the August 2018 edition of River Voices. Learn about the future of citizen science, water monitoring, and water data. Celebrate the latest Wild and Scenic River designated earlier this month. And don’t forget to check out the River Rally 2019 workshop proposal guidelines! Plus, find funding, search jobs, and share the Water Protectors Map with your community.

River Voices July 2018: Key Issues for Our Water Future

Welcome to the July 2018 edition of River Voices. Learn about the four key issues that will unite our network in collaborative work over the next 5 years, meet River Network’s President Nicole Silk, and (yes, already!) read our call for River Rally 2019 workshop proposals. Plus, find funding, search jobs, and share the Water Protectors Map with your community.

River Voices June 2018: World Environment Day

Welcome to the June 2018 edition of River Voices. This issue features results from our long-standing World Environment Day (celebrated this year on June 5th) partnership with Anheuser-Busch, plus an introduction to Zak Lance, River Network’s Community Engagement Manager. Check out funding opportunities for River Network members, plus the latest webinars and resources.

River Voices May 2018: Building Community Resilience

Welcome to the May 2018 edition of River Voices. This issue includes a look at community resilience in Puerto Rico, the launch of River Network’s searchable map Who is Protecting Your Water?, plus an introduction to Paco Ollervides, River Network’s Leadership Development Manager. Check out funding opportunities for River Network members, plus the latest webinars and resources.

River Voices April 2018: River Rally Sneak Peek

Welcome to the April 2018 edition of River Voices. This issue includes a sneak peek at River Rally and the Wild & Scenic Rivers 50th Anniversary, plus an introduction to Jorie Emory, our Community Strategies Director and River Rally leader, who is passionate about the intersection of community arts and grassroots environmental advocacy. Check out funding opportunities for River Network members, plus the latest webinars and resources.

River Voices March 2018: Safe & Affordable Drinking Water

Welcome to the March 2018 edition of River Voices. We are excited to share highlights of our community resilience work, including the launch of the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Cohort, plus an introduction to Diana Toledo, our Leadership Development Director and urban-water leadership development expert. Check out funding opportunities for Wild & Scenic Rivers events and community engagement, plus our latest webinars and resources.

River Voices February 2018: Speaking Up for Clean Water

Welcome to the February 2018 edition of River Voices! This month we look at the road ahead for Clean Water, plus launch our new Civic Engagement webinar training series. We also warmly invite you to a free webinar with water authors Sandra Postel and Abbie Gascho Landis hosted by River Network’s President, Nicole Silk. Also, don’t miss your opportunity to get free rain barrel materials.

River Voices January 2018: Rivers in Agricultural Landscapes

Welcome to the January 2018 issue of River Voices! We hope you enjoy the fresh look and feel of our monthly publication, designed to highlight essential insights, inspiration, and resources to further your work. This month we explore the topic of how agricultural communities and conservationists are working together for healthier rivers. Also, don’t miss fundraising tips from our Leadership Development team, plus the latest events and webinars.

River Voices July 2017 Issue: 2017 River Heroes

This issue of River Voices features our 2017 River Heroes – Angie Rosser, Denny Caneff, David Deen, David Sligh, and Margaret Frisbie. Not only do we have their stories, but we have videos of their acceptance speeches as well as videos of our Compton River Achievement Award winner and the plenaries from the conference. We are incredibly grateful to share some of the magic from River Rally 2017, expanding the potential for this content to make a difference, providing an infusion of hope and the elixir of possibility to those who need it most.

River Voices April 2017 Issue: Water Equity And Civic Engagement

We believe that access to affordable clean water and healthy rivers is a fundamental human right. Like other human rights, we must be prepared to assert and defend this right. By listening, we can hear the concerns of the communities we are part of; and by working together, we can influence elected officials and resource managers to address these disparities. The articles in this issue of River Voices provide examples of places where access to affordable clean water is not equal, and how civic engagement is making a difference. These articles underscore the variety of ways to become involved, including seeking public office. We hope that this issue sparks your curiosity and encourages you to continue exploring. Water is life.

River Voices January 2017 Issue: Integrated Water Management

In this issue of River Voices, we have a great collection of articles from a diverse set of contributors, all with decades of experience and insight on what integrated water management means and why it is important. From the nonprofit sector and foundation perspective, to consultants and utilities, each article is easy to access, fast-paced, and full of links and new information to introduce you to and expand your understanding of integrated water management.