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Welcome to the network! For over three decades, River Network has connected and empowered local water caretakers and water-focused organizations, agencies, businesses, and communities for greater impact and healthier rivers across the U.S. River Network provides tools, training, and resources; learning and networking opportunities; focused training; science and policy mentoring; and support from our nation-wide network. Explore membership benefits in the links below.

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Are you a passionate water professional or organization looking for connection and support? Tap into the power of our network. Check out the basic benefits and explore exciting premium membership perks. Find the right membership option for you.


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River Network connects local water champions and empowers organizations and individuals with the tools, training, and resources needed for success. We unite peers and link you with agencies, nonprofits, foundations, and businesses who can fuel and further your work. Explore how we help.


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Over 8,500 groups work on water across the U.S., including more than 1,500 River Network members. Is your organization on the map?

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River Network’s Online Community is a place for water protectors, nonprofit leaders, agency representatives, industry innovators, and others who care about clean water and healthy rivers for all to connect, align, and take action. Join today!


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Premium members get 40% off on River Rally registration and exhibitor pricing. River Rally provides an annual touchpoint for groups and individuals across North America to accelerate progress towards an equitable and sustainable water future.