River Network envisions a future of clean and ample water for people and nature, where local caretakers are well-equipped, effective, and courageous champions for our rivers.


River Network released our 2020 trends report called Our Water, Our Future: State of River and Watershed Protection in December 2020. The report outlines current conditions of waterways in the U.S. including opportunities and threats to water quality and quantity, and provides an analysis of the diversity of the workforce within the river and watershed protection community. This report builds on River Network’s first trends report, released in May 2016. For more on what we learned from respondents, read President Nicole Silk’s latest blog post or download the report below.

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Meet Your Network

Meet the heroes safeguarding water for our families and communities. We invite you to get to know some outstanding water champions taking action for clean water and healthy rivers from coast to coast. Get to know our network.


“We need confidence in our institutions and government itself. We must insist on elected officials of the highest moral character and hold responsible those accountable for the damage we have witnessed. We stand for a future where we rebuild our democracy together, community by community, with no one left behind. This future will be one where water and rivers connect us too, uniting rather than dividing us.”

River Network condemns the recent attacks on our democracy, which is fundamental to our efforts to deliver safe, clean, affordable water and healthy rivers to people and nature.

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Map: Who Protects Water?

River Network’s searchable water protectors map helps communities and local water supporters connect. Search it, link to it, share it, and embed it on any website! (If your water organization is not already on the map, sign up for a free River Network membership to be included.)