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Special Multi-Media Issue of River Voices

We are incredibly grateful to share some of the magic from River Rally 2017 in the July 2017 issue of River Voices. In addition to personal articles from our 2017 River Heroes, this issue includes videos of the River Heroes and Compton River Achievement Award winner’s acceptance speeches, as well as the plenaries from the conference: ‘Affordability, Equity and Drinking Water,’ ‘Rethinking Our Relationship to Urban Rivers’ and ‘Lessons from Standing Rock and Beyond.’ We hope you will find this content as educational and inspiring as we do!

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Take Our Annual Trends Survey

Please take River Network’s 2017 Trends Survey. This survey helps us gather up-to-date information on perceptions about conditions, threats, progress and River Network’s value related to healthy rivers. It is designed to give us all more insight into the challenges and opportunities we face collectively. In addition, the survey results will help us identify what investment, collaboration, or education opportunities are needed to make faster progress toward healthy rivers.

It should only take you a few minutes to complete. Click here to begin. Thank you in advance for participating.

The results of last year’s survey can be found in our 2016 Trends Report.

boy and rain barrel

Reduce Your Water Footprint

The rainwater that falls from your roof after a storm could play an important role in protecting our country’s rivers and streams. Learn how to reduce your water footprint with a rain barrel. 

Report: Protecting and Restoring Flows in Southeastern Rivers

To address the range of threats to river flows in the southeast, this new report covers a comprehensive set of policies starting with the scientific foundations of water budgets and moves to supply management and flow protection and then demand management and finally the management of the built environment.

Impact Story: Keys to Fundraising Success

Atchafalaya Basinkeeper was a successful organization, but too much of the group’s time was spent protecting their watershed that very little went into securing their budget from one year to the next.