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Heroes 2016

River Network Announces 2016 River Heroes and Compton Award Winner

Five leaders from the river and water conservation community have been recognized by River Network for their exceptional personal and professional achievements in support of river protection and restoration. The 2016 River Heroes are John Linkes of Leechburg, Pa.; Andrew Purkey of Portland, Ore., Derrick Evans of Gulfport, Miss.; Jan Goldman-Carter of Washington, D.C.; and Casi Callaway of Mobile, Ala.

Additionally, River Network named Wilma Subra of New Iberia, La., the 2016 James R. Compton River Achievement Award winner. The award was given in recognition of Subra’s long-term dedication to addressing environmental and human health impacts, including her extraordinary attention to issues concerning water resources.

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boy and rain barrel

Reduce Your Water Footprint

The rainwater that falls from your roof after a storm could play an important role in protecting our country’s rivers and streams. Learn how to reduce your water footprint with a rain barrel. 

atchafalaya_group pic

Impact Story: Keys to Fundraising Success

Atchafalaya Basinkeeper was a successful organization, but too much of the group’s time was spent protecting their watershed that very little went into securing their budget from one year to the next.