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River Network envisions a future of clean and ample water for people and nature, where local caretakers are well-equipped, effective, and courageous champions for our rivers.

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Some 13.8 million U.S. households (almost 12%) face unaffordable water bills while water utilities struggle to fund maintenance or replacement of aging pipes. We expand understanding of the causes and circumstances of today’s crisis, develop and disseminate new tools, and help identify a common rural and urban agenda that unifies and focuses our collective actions.

Now, learn more about this work related to drinking water and water infrastructure, all in one place!

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Meet Your Network

Meet the heroes safeguarding water for our families and communities. We invite you to get to know some outstanding water champions taking action for clean water and healthy rivers from coast to coast. Get to know our network.


Part two of our Tools for Equitable Climate Resilience, River Network’s new Community-Led Research Toolkit provides step-by-step guidance and lessons learned on how to effectively engage with community members to understand climate impacts and to develop more equitable climate resilience strategies. 

This toolkit also has real-world Community-Led Research case studies, a Community-Led Research Project Planning and Facilitation Guide, and extensive lists of references and resources. 

Map: Who Protects Water?

River Network’s searchable water protectors map helps communities and local water supporters connect. Search it, link to it, share it, and embed it on any website! (If your water organization is not already on the map, sign up for a free River Network membership to be included.)