About Us

Our Story

Since 1988, River Network has been at the forefront of expanding national interest in protecting US waters, encouraging diversity in the environmental movement, and helping community members and local organizations take a stand for their waters.

River Network strengthens organizations and leaders to improve and protect their waterways, create climate-resilient communities, and ensure equitable access to safe, affordable drinking water. We accomplish this locally and nationally by responding to the capacity and training needs of organizations and communities, and by synthesizing, elevating, and activating proven and promising practices from the field.

As a backbone to the national network of water, justice, and river advocates, we have a unique role to play to influence water leaders to become more equitable, our organizations more diverse, and our practices more inclusive. Explore our equity, diversity, and inclusion journey to learn more.

We Believe…

Joy and hope for our planet flows through our rivers.

All living beings share a common home and a fundamental right to clean water.

People, places, and nature are interconnected and must adapt to survive in a rapidly changing world.

Equitable and enduring solutions start with community – created with, by, and for the people most impacted.

Mission, Vision, & Values

River Network grows and strengthens a transformational national network of water, justice, and river advocates. We envision a powerful and inclusive movement that ensures abundant clean water for all people and nature to thrive. We believe that joy and hope for our planet flows through our rivers. Find out more about our values.


Our Strategic Plan

Building upon our three decades supporting community members and organizations working on the ground to protect waters across the US, River Network developed a refreshed Strategic Plan for 2023-2026 to focus our efforts and clearly define our future for collective impact through a powerful, inclusive network. Explore the complete 2023-2026 Strategic Plan.

Our Team

The River Network team consists of talented and dedicated staff and board members who boldly drive this organization forward and work together to build a welcoming culture for our entire staff, the network, our partners and supporters, and all who care about water.

Meet our team.

River Network staff and board members at a river cleanup near Denver, CO.
  • "On many occasions, River Network has provided much needed facilitation services and technical assistance at little or no cost. For example, during the BP oil disaster, their Southeast organizer assisted us in facilitating a meeting of NGOs from across the Gulf to develop a Gulf-wide collaboration focused on an agreed "restoration" agenda. That collaboration continues to work to implement the restoration agenda developed at that meeting. River Network is very responsive to member needs and provides important technical assistance and training to nonprofit groups."

    Cyn Sarthou Gulf Restoration Network

Our Water, Our Future

Our ultimate goal is to deliver a future of clean and ample water for people and nature in which everyone is guaranteed the right to affordable clean water and healthy rivers. Whether through this website, River Rally (our national conference), River Voices (our monthly e-newsletter), or the grants and services we deliver, we constantly strive to expand and strengthen our community, our approaches, and our coalitions in order to build this future together.

To reach the future we seek, our solutions must become more equitable and inclusive. And to remain relevant, we must diversify our community and our organizations too. We are committed to the journey this implies and to delivering ongoing exposure to best practices, new ideas, tools and resources for everyone interested in making a difference in their communities and for their waters. Find out more about our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Where we stand today would not be possible but for the courageous efforts of those who have led River Network during the past 35 years and their many achievements. We are in their debt.