Our Impact


River Network is the only national nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to grow and strengthen the nationwide network of water, justice, and river advocates: the thousands of passionate individuals affiliated with local groups, tribes, utilities, government agencies, and businesses working to ensure abundant clean water for all people and nature to thrive. For 30+ years, we’ve empowered these leaders creating lasting and sustainable change at the local level, delivering tools, training, financial support, and mentorship.

River Network’s Focus

Recognizing River Network’s leadership role and shared accountability for the health of water across the US and the many people who call it home, our Strategic Plan concludes with three ambitious focus areas. These focus areas define the network’s impact working collectively over time, frame our work, and represent the future for people and nature we envision and are helping to create.

How We Strengthen the Network

River Network continually seeks to increase the power of our network locally and nationally by responding to the capacity and training needs of organizations and communities, and by synthesizing, elevating, and activating proven and promising practices from the field. The following approaches provide the foundation for all our work, flowing through our focus areas and all our work in unique ways:

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Strategic Plan

Building upon our three decades supporting community members and organizations working on the ground to protect waters across the US, River Network’s refreshed Strategic Plan for 2023-2026 focuses our efforts and clearly defines our future for collective impact through a powerful, inclusive network. Read more about our 2013-2026 Strategic Plan.

River Rally

Our national conference, River Rally, provides an inspiring and energy-infused touchpoint for nonprofit groups, agency and foundation representatives, innovators, philanthropists, academics, students, and community leaders. We bring the network together to accelerate progress towards an equitable and sustainable water future. Learn more and get involved.

State of the Network

Conducted every five years, this survey guides our understanding and tells the story of the collective reach and impact of our nationwide network. We use the results to assess the most pressing needs of organizations working on water issues and track our collective challenges, successes, and opportunities.
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Annual Reports

Check out River Network’s annual reports for a glimpse into the accomplishments of the River Network community. We send our heartfelt thanks to our members, donors, and collaborative partners for making it all possible! Explore River Network’s most recent annual reports.

Mariah Davis (she/her) standing in front of the podium on the River Rally stage holding her Emerging Leader award.


All too frequently, water and justice advocates do not get the recognition and celebration they deserve. Many challenges lie ahead, but we must take time to celebrate the achievements within this movement and the people and teams that drive their success. Meet recent awardees.

Amplifying Voices

River Network supports groups’ visibility and reach through tools, publications, our monthly River Voices newsletter, and bimonthly Meet Your Network features. We help groups share their successes, reach new audiences, and tell their stories. Read River Voices and Meet Your Network.