Our Impact

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River Network is the only national nonprofit whose sole purpose is to connect and strengthen the efforts of water leaders: the passionate individuals affiliated with over 8,500 local groups, agencies, tribes, and utilities working for healthy rivers and clean water across the US. For 30+ years, we’ve empowered water leaders creating lasting and sustainable change at the local level, delivering tools, training, financial support, and mentorship.

River Network’s Priorities

We are facing a water crisis in the United States, a crisis that includes issues of security, affordability, quality, and access.

In response, we are aligning our network for collective action on four Key Issues, which define a new path forward and seek climate solutions:

  • Clean, Safe, and Affordable Drinking Water
  • Healthy Rivers in Agricultural Landscapes
  • Robust and Effective Water Laws and Policies
  • Resilient Cities and Communities

How We Strengthen the Network

River Network continually seeks to strengthen our members and the power of our network through expanding the network’s reach, leveraging voices from across our network, and increasing the network’s influence to create alignment and empower collective action on key issues. The following approaches provide the foundation for all our work, flowing through our programs in unique ways:

  • Leading with Equity
  • Transforming Data Into Action
  • Building Strong Organizations and Leaders

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Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan outlines our response to current water crises and commitment to connecting and aligning the national network of more than 8,500 local groups, agencies, tribes, and. utilities for shared action. Read about how we are empowering action on key issues in the complete 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.

River Rally

Hosted annually, River Rally provides an inspiring and energy-infused touchpoint for nonprofit groups, agency and foundation representatives, innovators, philanthropists, academics, students, and community leaders. We bring the network together to accelerate progress towards an equitable and sustainable water future. Learn more and get involved.

The Online Community

Our Online Community is a place for water protectors, nonprofit leaders, agency representatives, industry innovators, and others to connect, align, and take action. Today, hundreds of water professionals regularly share solutions, have meaningful discussions, and support one another. Learn more about our Online Community.

Annual Reports

Check out River Network’s annual reports for a glimpse into the accomplishments of the River Network community. We send our heartfelt thanks to our members, donors, and collaborative partners for making it all possible! Explore River Network’s most recent annual reports.


All too frequently, individuals and groups involved with natural resource conservation fail to celebrate their hard-won successes. Challenges always lie ahead, but we need to take time each year to celebrate our achievements and the people who make them possible. Read about recent Emerging Leaders and River Heroes and Compton Award winners.

Amplifying Voices

River Network supports groups’ visibility and reach through tools, publications, our monthly River Voices newsletter, and bimonthly Meet Your Network features. We help groups share their successes, reach new audiences, and tell their stories. Read River Voices and Meet Your Network.