All too frequently, individuals and groups involved with natural resource conservation fail to celebrate their hard-won successes. Too often, important victories are allowed to be overshadowed by the next issue or threat. Challenges always lie ahead, but we need to take time each year to celebrate our achievements and the people who make them possible.

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River Heroes are individuals who bring people together to solve water problems, seek solutions that are inclusive and equitable, go “above & beyond,” never give up, and inspire and help others to make a difference.

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Created in 2001, this award recognizes an exceptional individual whose impact on the health of our country’s waters is as deep and abiding as James ‘Jim’ Compton, for whom this award was named.

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Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award recognizes a young professional working at the intersection of water and justice. The award was created in 2019 in honor of Leslie Lowe, whose bold encouragement pushed River Network to look deeper into specific geographies and issues where inequality persists and take action toward inclusive solutions.

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