Strategic Plan

Thousands of rivers and the watersheds weave a tapestry across our landscape that connects our ecosystems, cities, economies, communities and culture. We believe that local caretakers, advocates, and enthusiasts are essential to protect and restore these systems. That is why we focus our full attention on building and expanding the capacity and capability of these people and the communities they are part of.

Three strategies focus our investment and align with our organizational strengths, threats to rivers and watersheds, and needs within our community:

  • Strong Champions: Strengthen coalitions, organizations and leaders
  • Clean Water: Promote clean water solutions and innovations
  • Ample Water: Advance water supply security and sustainability

These three strategies inform all of our work, from our newsletter and themes at River Rally, technical support, mentoring and collaboration, and distance learning opportunities, to best practices and impact stories shared through this website. They help us focus our limited resources and capacity on the most significant needs and the greatest value. For more information, please take a look at our complete strategic plan for River Network 2.0 accessible from this page.

We invite you to join us in our effort to connect people facing similar challenges to each other and to proven approaches as well as new ideas, empower concerned citizens and local caretakers to make a difference, and expand the impact of our community locally, regionally, and nationally.