Peer Groups

Members of the Urban Waters Learning Network at River Rally 2022 in Washington, DC. Photo by James Mills.
Members of the Urban Waters Learning Network at River Rally 2022 in Washington, DC. Photo by James Mills.

River Network peer groups are designed and facilitated to strengthen bonds between groups and leaders, increase knowledge and skills needed to address the water issues of today, create alignment on shared value propositions and activate the network to take collective action. Become a member of River Network for free today!

Drinking Water Access Exchange

This group was created to share and receive pertinent updates on the fight to halt water shutoffs and restore water access during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now serves as a platform for all working on drinking water access issues to share solutions and collaborate.

Frontline groups, advocates, and others are invited to join and learn more about what’s being done across the country to end water shutoffs and ensure safe and affordable water for all.

Nutrient-Reduction Forum

Are you dealing with CAFOs in your region? Worried about stormwater runoff into your local lakes and rivers? Join the Nutrient-Reduction Forum to share resources, ask questions, and learn about nutrient-reduction opportunities and strategies with others from across the country.

River Network also convenes Quarterly Nutrient Pollution Reduction Forum Calls for network members to connect, share information, and collaborate on nutrient pollution reduction efforts.

SRF State Advocates Forum

The Forum is a diverse, nationwide community of practice focused on increasing equity in implementation of SRF dollars. The Forum creates opportunities for advocates to learn, share lessons, and synergize across geographies and levels of government to pursue more equitable and climate-resilient infrastructure investments. Participants include experts, state and national advocates, local leaders, and residents motivated to address water infrastructure challenges and advance procedural, distributive, and restorative justice.

Urban Waters Learning Network

A partnership between River Network and Groundwork USA, the Urban Waters Learning Network (UWLN) serves as a peer-to-peer network of people and organizations that share practical on-the-ground experiences in order to improve urban waterways and revitalize the neighborhoods around them. The UWLN delivers tools, training, mentoring, and financial assistance to foster solutions that advance water equity and environmental justice, build healthy ecosystems and resilient communities, and more.

Federal Water Policy Update

Stay up-to-date on key federal policy issues and join with other local and statewide water protection groups on monthly Water Policy Update and Exchange calls. Theis mailing list, newsletter, and calls are spaces for NGO clean water advocates.

Communication Frequency:

Monthly email

Staff Contact:

Katherine Baer, Vice President of River Programs

Southeast River Flows Peer Learning Network

The Southeast River Flows Peer Learning Network (Flows Network) is collaborative effort to protect river flows in the southeast.

Communication Frequency:

Monthly email

Staff Contact:

April Ingle, Advocacy Director

Statewide and Regional Network Leaders

Connect with other leaders and staff of statewide and regional network organizations to discuss the opportunities and challenges of working to protect water at the state and/or regional level.

Communication Frequency:

Quarterly email

Staff Contact: 

Brenna Goggin, Director of Leadership Development

Subscribe to a Peer Group

Looking to join the Drinking Water Access Exchange, Nutrient-Reduction Forum, SRF State Advocates Forum, or the Urban Waters Learning Network? Manually subscribe to these peer groups using the links at the top of this webpage.