Fight for Healthy Water: Stop the Dirty Water Rule

Since President Trump took office in January of 2016, we all knew it was coming. From the beginning, Trump and former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt were clear that repealing and replacing the Clean Water Rule was a priority. Now, nearly two years later, it has finally happened. On Dec. 11, 2018, the Trump Administration proposed… Read More

A River Re-imagined: Transforming the L.A. River

Mention the L.A. River and most people conjure up the drag racing scene in the movie Grease or crime stories with a noir bent, featuring the river as a dumping ground for urban decay. Admittedly, before attending a river clean-up organized by Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR), River Network, and corporate partner Anheuser-Busch... Read More

Asegurando la Participación Cívica de Comunidades Hispanas y Latinas: Mejores Prácticas para Grupos Dedicados a la Protección de Sus Cuencas Hidrográficas

Click here to read this story in English. Durante los últimos 12 meses, con apoyo de la Fundación Wege, nuestro trabajo nos ha conectado con comunidades y organizaciones enfocadas en servir a las poblaciones Hispanas y Latinas del suroeste de Michigan. Además nos hemos conectado con los grupos ambientalistas que incluyen a West Michigan Environmental... Read More

Engaging Latino and Hispanic Communities: Best Practices for Water Groups

Presione aqui para leer este articulo en Espanol. In the U.S., many communities of color face environmental racism. Disproportionate exposure to toxins and pollution occur in areas primarily inhabited by communities of color, including areas with large Latino or Hispanic populations. These communities often face multiple environmental injustices simultaneously, the impacts of which are compounded... Read More

River Network Teams Up With Cotopaxi Questival for Cleaner Rivers

River Network collaborated with outdoor brand Cotopaxi to host a volunteer cleanup challenge as part of the Questival 24-hour adventure race in Boulder, Colorado, in October. More than 70 teams helped collect 625 pounds of litter from creeks around Boulder, Colorado, and divert 24% from the landfill by sorting out the recycling. Check out these… Read More

Celebrating 30 Years and The Future of Our Network

River Network was founded thirty years ago to strengthen local efforts to protect rivers. Over three decades our focus has remained remarkably consistent: We connect people to save rivers. That simple tagline belies a tremendous amount of action to protect and restore waters across the country, particularly at the local level. Today this network is… Read More

The Clean Water Act at 46

One of the fundamental goals of the Clean Water Act (CWA), passed on this day in 1972, was that all waters would be swimmable by 1983. A sister goal was to eliminate all pollutants being dumped into our nation’s waters by 1985. When I tell people about those specific goals, I am met most often… Read More

Celebrating 50 Years of Wild & Scenic Rivers

October 2nd marks the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, which protects over 12,000 miles of 200+ rivers. Federal agencies rely on engaged and knowledgeable citizen groups to manage these spectacular rivers, and River Network supports local water champions and groups from around the country doing vital work on… Read More

Kern River Conservancy: Building the Next Generation of Wild & Scenic River Protectors

“I tell people that River Rally changed my life,” laughs Gary Ananian, Executive Director and Founder of Kern River Conservancy. A first-time attendee of River Network’s River Rally (held near Truckee, California in April/May 2018), Ananian came to environmental work from a background in the food and beverage industry. The environmental community was all new... Read More

The Future of Water Quality Data

World Water Monitoring Day (now known as EarthEcho Water Challenge) is coming up on September 18th and droves of citizen scientists across the globe will head out to local waters to gain a snapshot of their water quality. If you are reading this blog, you may be one of the thousands of staff, volunteers, students,… Read More