River Voices Volume 19 Number 2, 2009: Invasive Species

Table of Contents

1 Invasive Species by Chris Dionigi, Ph.D

3 From the President

7 Clean Angling Pledge

11 Reframing Invasive Species Managment by Read D. Porter

16 Riverine Early Detectors by Laura MacFarland

20 Voices from the Field

24 Collaborating to Restore the Fowl Meadow Wetland by Carly Rocklen

27 Taming the Tamarisk by Merritt Frey

29 What Lies Beneath? by Dr. Mario Tamburri

31  Unwelcome Visitors by Sandy Bihn

32  Two Ready-Made Educational Campaigns by Joe Starinchak

34 A State-by-State Overview. Compiled by Susan Carter & Katherine Luscher

38  Resources & References

39  Partner Pitch

Resource Materials