Project Rain Barrel

January 2024 Update: Project Rain Barrel is currently on hold. Check back later this year for updates.

Reduce Your Water Footprint with an Upcycled Rain Barrel


River Network’s Project Rain Barrel helps communities and homeowners across the U.S. and Canada reduce their water footprints by providing FREE materials, support, and promotion for hosting educational rain barrel-making workshops.

We’ve partnered with the Coca-Cola Foundation, Coca-Cola bottlers, and our member groups since 2011 to connect more than 150 communities with over 10,000 upcycled rain barrels. Watch the introductory video to learn more.

Project Rain Barrel materials are limited and distributed through a competitive application process. Applications that demonstrate strong educational components and are hosted in lower-income communities will receive preference. First-time workshop hosts and premium River Network member organizations are also encouraged to apply.

Questions about Project Rain Barrel? Contact Grace Fullmer.

Why Rain Barrels?

The average American family directly consumes nearly 110,000 gallons of water each year, and if you include water used for producing food, energy, and consumer goods, that total jumps to 1.9 million gallons annually! However, a single 55-gallon rain barrel can save up to 1,300 gallons of water every year.

Rain barrels collect free rainwater to water gardens, trees, and lawns. This saves you money on water bills, AND helps reduce demand for energy-intensive treated tap water, limits stormwater runoff and erosion, and saves water for use during droughts. Installing a rain barrel is one of the easiest ways to reduce your water footprint and help recharge our rivers, lakes, and aquifers.

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Apply to Host a Workshop

River Network member organizations and most community groups engaged in water education, management, or conservation are eligible to host Project Rain Barrel workshops and receive free materials, while supplies last.





River Network is excited to partner with Colorado Rain Catcher this year! CO Rain Catcher will provide all of the rain barrel building kits used to help conserve water across the United States.

Find a Rain Barrel Workshop Near You

Each workshop is hosted by a local organization. Visit our Events & Trainings page to find a rain barrel workshop near you and contact your local host directly for details about specific workshops. Most workshops occur in March, April, and May so check back often for updates and be sure to follow the Project Rain Barrel Facebook page for the latest news.

Sorry, we cannot accommodate individual requests for rain barrels.

Don’t see a workshop near you? No problem! Check out our Water Protectors Map and search for organizations in your area. Reach out directly and let them know River Network can provide free materials to host a workshop.

More Water Conservation Resources

Rain barrels are only one way to reduce your water footprint. Check out these resources for more water conservation ideas: