River Rally 2015

Credit: Rachel Conn

May 1 - 4 | Tamaya Resort | Santa Ana Pueblo, NM

Mark your calendars (and your budgets)! We're working to bring you the most educational, most inspiring and more celebratory event you've ever attended.

Lessons learned, best practices shared and new friends from the field will benefit you and your efforts no matter where you work - and we expect people from nearly every state and beyond.

“Seeing so many talented colleagues and hearing about their struggles and successes enriched my professional skills and recharged my resolve to work hard for clean water and free flowing rivers. I try to support and encourage all kinds of people to have hope and work hard for a clean water future--it was personally swell (and much needed) to swim in an ocean of support during Rally. I feel like I have new strategies and new contacts with which to meet the challenges before me.”
River Rally Participant

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Together we are an unstoppable force for the protection of our home rivers and waters. And River Rally is the place where our movement strengthens and grows!