Webinar Series: Putting Your Data to Its Most Effective Uses

Data collection and analysis are crucial to understanding the health of your watershed. How can you use data to help inform decisions, educate the public, and grab the attention of local leaders and funders? Particularly during this time of COVID-19 when monitoring programs are adapting to reduced sample collection, shifting protocols and added safety measures, how can you use your existing datasets in a more meaningful way?

In this series, learn ways to use different types of data products and visualization tools to create eye-catching visuals that tell a story to your target audience. These webinars were created for groups within the Delaware River Basin and highlight available products and tools that are offered by River Network, the Academy of Natural Sciences and Stroud Water Research Center. For those outside of the Delaware Basin, you may find these examples spark ideas and get the wheels turning for how to creatively use your data in different ways.

Data-Informed Storytelling

River Network, Academy of Natural Sciences, and Stroud Water Research Center have teamed up with Resource Media to bring you a webinar focused on data-informed storytelling. Resource Media explores data-informed storytelling through the lens of three key audiences: local elected officials, statewide agency staff, and donors. The webinar will focus on using data in the context of a well-crafted story that points toward a clear action ask.

Data Products and Visualization Tools

River Network, Academy of Natural Sciences, and Stroud Water Research Center introduce options for data products and visualization tools available to the Delaware River Watershed Initiative. In this introductory webinar, you’ll learn about ANS’ available data and customizable data communications products, how to use the data you produce from the Stroud Center’s EnviroDIY resources, a look into the Monitor my Watershed data portal and visualization tool, and how you can create stories with your data through Google Studio and Arc Online Dashboards.

Click here to download a list of all the available data products and visualization tools offered to groups in the Delaware Basin.

Data Visualization Tools: Google Data Studio

This web training will introduce participants to Google Data Studio, a free service that allows users to easily create and host live data dashboards, reports, and other data visualizations on your website. The training will cover how to access, format, and host data to make it available in Data Studio, and the basics of building charts, maps, and interactive dashboards. Finally, participants will learn about Data Studio reports created by local watershed organizations and hear how they are using the dashboards to inform their work and their stakeholders.