Centering Those at Risk: The Power of Community-Led Research for Climate Resilience Investments

Wednesday, 11/15/2023
1:00 PM ET - 2:15 PM ET

Event Info

Community-led research is a powerful approach to gather and apply community generated data to inform climate resilience decisions such as green infrastructure plans and watershed restoration priorities.  In the hands of those community members who are at greatest risk from climate change, CLR is a way to capture their wisdom and experiences and build an advocacy platform to ensure efforts to build community resilience address issues of justice and advance solutions that are based on community needs.  We will highlight River Network’s Community-Led Research tool and hear from local organizations that have deployed CLR as a tool for climate equity.

This session is part of the Building Water Equity and Climate Resilient Communities for ALL Learning Series.  Over the course of 6 monthly sessions, we will highlight a variety of strategies that community-based organizations are using to help their communities anticipate, prepare for and respond to climate risks such as flooding, coastal storms and drought, with a focus on protecting community members who are most vulnerable to climate threats.