Resilience Hubs as Community Superheroes of Climate Preparedness and Disaster Recovery

Wednesday, 09/20/2023
1:00 PM ET - 2:15 PM ET

Event Info

In this session, we will hear from national and local leaders experienced in establishing local Resilience Hubs. Resilience Hubs are central gathering places that bring community members together and provide residents with resources and support to prepare for and respond to climate emergencies. Climate Resilience Hubs are typically housed in community institutions – neighborhood centers, libraries, etc. – and are set up as one-stop-shops for essential services and supplies before, during and after a natural hazard event such as a flooding event or hurricane (e.g. clean water and food, shelter, power supplies, cleaning supplies, etc.). Participants will learn how they can advocate for and participate in the planning and establishment of Resilience Hubs in their own communities.


  • Samantha Paladini, Climate Resilience Hubs Coordinator at CREW (Communities Responding to Extreme Weather)
  • Stacey Henry, Founder of Delaware’s First Resilience Hub
  • Aubrey Germ, Climate and Resilience Planner, Baltimore Office of Sustainability


This session is part of the Building Water Equity and Climate Resilient Communities for ALL Learning Series.  Over the course of 6 monthly sessions, we will highlight a variety of strategies that community-based organizations are using to help their communities anticipate, prepare for and respond to climate risks such as flooding, coastal storms and drought, with a focus on protecting community members who are most vulnerable to climate threats.