State Policy Showcase: Addressing PFAS in Pollution Discharge Permits

Tuesday, 01/17/2023
1:00 PM ET

Event Info

Join us for our next State Policy Showcase! Geoff Gisler, Senior Attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center will tell us how advocacy by conservation groups and residents in North Carolina led to the strongest limits on PFAS in a Pollution Discharge (NPDES) Permit in the nation – including the nuts-and-bolts of the policy and what drove action by decision makers. Geoff will also tell us about new guidance the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed for states on addressing PFAS discharges in NPDES Permits and through the pretreatment program and monitoring programs – and what clean water organizations can do to encourage their states to take action.

Following the case studies, we’ll open up the discussion for participants to ask questions, share insights where these policies might be ripe, discuss barriers and roadblocks advocates are likely to encounter, strategies to overcome barriers, windows of opportunity to look for, coalitions to build, and other strategies needed to successfully address PFAS pollution at the state level.

About the State Policy Showcases

River Network organizes “State Policy Showcases” for water advocates across the country who work on advancing progressive water policy at the state level and to highlight state policy successes on a variety of clean water issues. We discuss both the “nuts and bolts” of specific policies and what they do, as well as what it took to get the policy adopted including the strategy, campaigns, and coalitions that drove action by decision-makers.

We host several showcases a year and feature different water-related policies and case studies from network members around the US who worked on getting those policies adopted along with facilitated discussions for network members to ask questions and share ideas and experiences.