Reduce Your Water Footprint

Do you know what your water footprint is?

The average American uses approximately 2,000 gallons of water a day through their home, yard, diet, energy, and consumer choices. The good news is there is plenty you can do to reduce your water footprint and help recharge our rivers, lakes, wetlands, and underground aquifers with clean water!

Water Conservation Resources

National Rain Barrel Program

Coordinated by River Network

Installing a rain barrel at your home, school, church, or other community building is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to start reducing your water footprint. You’ll save money on your water bill by collecting free rainwater to water gardens, trees, and lawns. This reduces demand for treated tap water, limits stormwater runoff and erosion, and saves water for use during droughts. The average homeowner can save 1,300 gallons of water per year with a single 55 gallon rain barrel!

The National Rain Barrel Program is a collaboration between River Network, the Coca-Cola Company, and River Network’s member organizations. River Network facilitates the program by supplying its member organizations with free materials and support to host public rain barrel building workshops.

Upcoming National Rain Barrel Program Workshops

Are you interested in getting an affordable, upcycled rain barrel for your home or community?
Visit our Community Events page to find a workshop near you!

Please Note: There are currently no upcoming National Rain Barrel Program workshops. We hope to begin accepting applications and scheduling more workshops in late August 2017.

All workshops are organized by and benefit our member organizations. Please contact the host organization for details about a specific workshop.

Hosting a workshop

Please note: River Network is not currently accepting applications to host National Rain Barrel Program workshops. We hope to being accepting applications again in late August 2017. Check back here for updates or contact us for more information.

Current dues-paying River Network member organizations may apply for free materials and support to host National Rain Barrel Program workshops.  Organizations which are not River Network members may also be eligible to receive workshop support.

Has your organization recently completed a National Rain Barrel Program workshop?
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