Bernie Dahl

Bernie Dahl Immediate Past President, Banks of the Wabash, Inc., Professor, Purdue University (IN). Since 1972, Bernie Dahl has been teaching at Purdue University. For the past six years, he has been Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Chair of the Landscape Architecture Program. Over the past twenty years, Bernie has melded his teaching with a passion for Community Assistance and Service Learning Projects. He has spearheaded over 150 projects in more than 120 communities in need of design and planning assistance for restoration, trail and park development, heritage promotion, and education on the importance of improving watersheds through public enhancement.

Bernie casts a wide net of river-centric activities, and is especially honored for his work in creating, and serving as president for more than a decade, the Banks of the Wabash, Inc.. This innovative organization works to preserve, enhance and promote the significant historic, cultural, recreational and archaeological resources of the Wabash River Corridor, and to improve the quality of life in communities along the corridor, create regional identity, pursue economic advancement and promote heritage tourism. Bernie is also a member of the Wabash River Parkway Commission and regularly advises the Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission, a statewide advisory board.

As Bernie stated during his acceptance speech, “This is for the Wabash. It has been my privilege to serve the Wabash. It has inspired me on my way to work every morning for the last 33 years. And it has helped me unwind at the end of each day. The Wabash has shown me many moods; it has taught me many things – courage, patience and perseverance. The Wabash has given me a few good rides. It has made me a better person.”