George Wolfe

George Wolfe is an avid canoeist/kayaker who led a flotilla of citizen-boaters down the 51 miles of the L.A. River over three days in July 2008 to advocate for Clean Water Act protections for the uch-abused waterway. The sub rosa expedition and his report – extensively documenting navigability, hydrology and other information collected during the trip – proved key to the EPA’s final determination in July 2010 that the entire Los Angeles further merited “traditional navigable waterway” status (and would therefore be protected under the CWA, setting a legal precedent for rivers nationally). Previously. less than five miles of the river were deemed protectable.

Following his urban expedition, Wolfe founded L.A. River Expeditions, which continues to advocate or a comprehensive public river access policy, improved safety along the river. and increased river stewardship. Over the years Wolfe has led dozens of unofficial recreational-educational excursions down the nicer. ‘living’ sections of the river. In 201 1, he was a principal partner in forming the Paddle the LA River pilot program, and led the first official canoe and kayak excursions in the river’s history, with plans for program expansion in2012. L.A. River Expeditions has become the de facto organization for adventurous and responsible boating on the L.A. River.