Justinn Overton

Justinn Overton (she/her), Executive Director and Riverkeeper at Coosa Riverkeeper (Mt Laurel, Alabama). Justinn has been a steadfast advocate for the middle and lower Coosa watersheds for over 11 years, driving Coosa Riverkeeper’s mission with fervor. Her tenure has been marked by unwavering dedication, innovative thinking, and a passionate commitment to protecting the Coosa River.  From addressing legacy pollution to tackling contemporary challenges like PFAS contamination and energy infrastructure issues, Justinn remains resolute in her vision for a clean and accessible Coosa River for all. Not only does she prioritize the well-being of her team and local communities, but she also advocates extensively within Waterkeepers Alabama and the Waterkeeper Alliance, collaborating to safeguard clean water resources. Justinn Overton’s tireless efforts and unwavering advocacy have transformed the Coosa River landscape and inspired a community dedicated to environmental stewardship.