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We are facing a water crisis in the United States, a crisis that includes issues of security, affordability, quality, and access. We believe that the greatest hope for change is at the local level.

A River Network membership can provide you with focused training; science and policy monitoring; and facilitated alignment for action on issues like safe and affordable drinking water, resilient cities and communities, healthy rivers in agricultural landscapes, robust and effective water laws and policies, and more.


We are here to serve you with the knowledge, mentorship, peer support, and access to resources you need to succeed. Group premium membership rates start at $150 and are based on your organization’s annual budget. Individual premium membership, for just $100, offers the same benefits. Both group and individual membership options are valid for 1 year after you join. Join River Network as a premium member and receive all basic membership benefits, plus…

“By allowing us to talk with true peers in nearby states, the SE Flows Network offers a rare kind of parallax, a chance to see what is fixed in our advocacy, and what we can do differently and better, learning from our neighbors’ wins and losses.”

–Grady McCallie, North Carolina Conservation Network

Group Membership Dues

Annual Budget Annual Member DuesIncludes
<$25,000 $1502 River Rally registration discounts
$2504 River Rally registration discounts
$150,001-$500,000 $4007 River Rally registration discounts
$500,001- $2,000,000 $70013 River Rally registration discounts
>$2,000,000$1,50025 River Rally registration discounts

Purchase your premium membership online via the above links, or send a check to the following address:

River Network
Attn: Membership Department
P.O. Box 21387
Boulder, CO 80308, USA
(303) 736 – 2724 x117

You will receive an itemized receipt when payment is received.

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