Our Priorities

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We are facing a water crisis in the United States, a crisis that includes issues of security, affordability, quality, and access. Over a third of Americans are at risk of losing affordable drinking water, and both flood risk and drought contribute to social and economic insecurity. More than half of our rivers remain in poor health and climate change will exacerbate many of these problems.

In response, we are aligning our network for collective action on these four Key Issues, which define a new path forward.

Key Issues

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Clean, Safe, Affordable Drinking Water

Drinking water is fundamental to our health, economy, and well-being, yet across our nation, access is not equal or equitable. By equipping local groups with the knowledge and capacity to advocate for their needs and influence water utilities, we can help guarantee that no one will be deprived of access to this crucial resource.

field irrigation

Healthy Rivers in Agricultural Landscapes

Members of our network want to build partnerships with the agricultural community to improve the health of rivers throughout the US, but many don’t know where to begin. We see an opportunity to forge these partnerships…including with those who have been excluded from financial and other opportunities due to race, ethnicity and gender. 

Duwamish -SouthParkRestoration

Resilient Cities and Communities

Communities across the US face increasing risks of flooding and other weather-related natural disasters whose impacts disproportionately affect low-income and communities of color. Local, grassroots, community groups are key players in building more equitable, resilient, and thriving communities. With knowledge, skills, and peer networks in place, these organizations can wield powerful influence, serving as effective local and regional advocates and agents for change. 


Robust & Effective Water Laws & Policies

Well-equipped and engaged advocates and communities are critical in the fight for strong water laws and policies at the local, state, and federal levels. They are essential to holding decision makers at all levels accountable for protecting public health and key to safeguarding our environment in a way that equitably protects all people.

Read more about our priority issues in River Network’s Strategic Plan.