Strategic Plan

We are facing a water crisis in the United States, a crisis that includes issues of security, affordability, quality, and access. Over a third of Americans are at risk of losing affordable drinking water, and both flood risk and drought contribute to social and economic insecurity. More than half of our rivers remain in poor health and climate change will exacerbate many of these problems. To move beyond crisis, we must work together across all sectors (agriculture, municipal, industry, energy, recreation, and conservation) to define a new path forward.

River Network’s response to this crisis includes aligning our network around these Key Issues:

  • Clean, Safe, Affordable Drinking Water
  • Resilient Cities and Communities
  • Healthy Rivers in Agricultural Landscapes
  • Robust and Effective Water Laws and Policies

For 30 years, River Network has worked with determination and purpose to become the foremost national organization connecting, empowering, and expanding the efforts of thousands of individuals, groups, and coalitions working to protect water across the U.S.

When connected and aligned for shared action, 8,500+ local NGOs, agencies, tribal groups, and utilities have enormous potential. Read more about Key Issues and Core Strategies to empower action in the complete 2018-2022 Strategic Plan (download at right).