House Bill 4341


The act directs schools to develop a publicly available drinking water management plan within 15 months of October 24, 2023. The plan is to be updated at least once every 5 years. There must be 1 filtered bottle-filling station for every 100 occupants and/or a filtered faucet for locations where a bottle-filling station isn’t feasible.

Annual water sampling of the filtered water is required. If the test results show a lead concentration of more than 5ppb, the school must shut off the water outlet and post a sign near the station or faucet. Any faucets or outlets intended for human consumption that don’t have a filter must be made inoperable. Signs must be placed near water outlets stating whether they are intended for human consumption.

Finally, the act creates a clean drinking water fund to help with the creation of filtered water outlets, their maintenance, and testing costs. The act took effect along with Michigan SB 88 and HB 4342.

  • Action Agency(ies): Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy
  • Policy Champions: Michigan Environmental Council
  • Read the full policy language

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