Idea Exchanges at River Rally

River Network is excited to launch IDEA EXCHANGES, unique opportunities to connect during River Rally and beyond, to build your knowledge and network related to specific issues you may be facing in your community. With support from skilled facilitators, you will have two opportunities to participate in structured conversations designed to expand conversations on the topics that matter most to you. Each Idea Exchange will explore ways to support each other’s efforts, and spark new alliances for common goals.

“We have a vision that a better organized, more robust, and empowered grassroots network of water protectors can more successfully hold local, state and federal decision makers accountable for protecting public health, safeguarding our environment, and making our communities more resilient to the threats of climate change,” says Nicole Silk, President of River Network. “This vision motivates us to go deeper on the key issues critical to addressing today’s water crisis, and bring our network’s ideas and potential influence forward.”

During the first Idea Exchange on Saturday morning, network with your peers on one of four topics:

  1. Safe, clean, and affordable drinking water
  2. Water laws and policies
  3. Building resilient cities and communities
  4. Working with farmers and ranchers

During the second Idea Exchange on Sunday morning, choose from topics related to:

  1. Our Vision for the Network of the Future
  2. Civic engagement

Here’s how it works: Skilled facilitators will guide each topic group through a series of questions that will reveal core problems you face in your community related to the particular issue. The exchange will explore specific types of support and systems you need to solve problems, provide innovative solutions being implemented elsewhere, and identify peer support networks that exist or are needed for progress. We will also identify ways your group can stay connected to continue discussion after River Rally.

“Groups are tackling important issues at the local and state level around the country – but there’s the potential to work together on some key topics to better leverage the power of the network to address these issues together,” says Katherine Baer, River Network’s Science and Policy Director. “The Idea Exchanges provide an exciting chance, starting at River Rally, to share ideas on select topics and find out how we might tap into each others experience and expertise to achieve a bigger result.”

We anticipate many of you may have a hard time selecting just one small group to join. Don’t worry! On the final day of River Rally we will have a session where you can hear key points from other exchange groups and learn how you can connect with those discussions moving forward.