The Clean Water Act Through the Biological Lens

Summary: This summer River Network produced an issue of our newsletter River Voices with a focus on how to look at the Clean Water Act through a biological lens. That is, how can the Act be better used to protect ecosystem integrity, the physical structure of a system, habitat, flow and all the interrelated aspects that make a system whole?

As follow up, we hosted a webinar to cover the newsletter topics in a format that mixes a presentation from a very well-known Clean Water Act expert – Bob Adler — and discussion of YOUR ideas and experiences with the topics. Don’t miss this exciting chance to think creatively about one of our nation’s most important environmental laws and to hear how your peers around the country are applying it creatively to protect and restore flows, riparian habitats, and more!

This was an intermediate-level Clean Water Act webinar. Participants will need a basic understanding of water quality standards, Total Maximum Daily Loads, wetlands permitting and 401 water quality certification. Visit our online course at to get yourself prepared before viewing the webinar.

Date Recorded: Friday, November 18, 2011

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