Cybersecurity During COVID-19

Did you know that over 90% of cybersecurity attacks begin with a phishing email? At a time when the workforce is transitioning to a virtual workspace, the number of phishing attempts have grown 667%!

Are you feeling overwhelmed as your organization relies more on email communication and virtual collaboration tools while working from home?

River Network hosted Tim Walters, Director of Sales and Operations, and Trevor Pyle, Lead Cybersecurity analyst, for Sabre on Point on May 13, 2020 to learn cybersecurity best practices specific to non-profits and what you can do remotely to ensure your organization is taking the right steps to protect against today’s growing cyber threats. Contact  and .

This resource originated as part of River Network’s Roundtable Series, initially developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These online classrooms provide the network with opportunities to connect, learn from each of our experiences, and provide space for discussions related to topics that are top-of-mind for the network. To learn about upcoming Roundtables, please visit our Events Page.

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