Tools for Equitable Climate Resilience: Fostering Community Leadership

With the support of the Kresge Foundation, River Network embarks on the journey of exploring climate resiliency strategies and equitable engagement of communities in climate resilience work. Here, you’ll find the first of a two-part toolkit presenting Community-Led Research and Leadership Development as essential tools for addressing the diverse risks posed by climate change.

Through this toolkit, River Network aims to build the capacity of organizations to serve as catalysts in supporting members of their communities stepping into leadership roles, as well as engaging them meaningfully in defining the scope of local climate change risks and impacts, and formulating and implementing equitable solutions alongside key partners. By allowing this resource to be fully informed by on-the-ground practitioners of leadership development, we hope to offer an authentic collection of engaging ideas on the topic.

Download Fostering Community Leadership and explore part two of this complete toolkit, on Fostering Community-Led Research and Knowledge.

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