2020 Election Resources for Nonprofits

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Now that election day has passed, it’s important to now focus our efforts on amplifying the message that we must take the necessary time to count every vote. Click here to read more from Combined Defense Project about what you can do now to ensure we #CountEveryVote.

Ensure We Count Every Vote

Typically, we expect a decisive outcome on election night. This election is different. It could be days, weeks, or even months, before the election is decided. This uncertainty is due, in part, to the unprecedented numbers of Americans voting by mail. Counting all votes could take days, weeks, or even months.

What’s most important during this period of post-election uncertainty is that Americans stand together to protect our democracy and demand that every vote is counted.

As water protection organizations, our ability to achieve policy goals on everything we care about—from environmental justice to river protections to climate action—depends on a free and fair election where every vote is counted. Only when every vote is counted will we achieve a legitimate result that sets the stage for us to pursue or defend mandates for elected leaders to ensure access to clean water for all, protect the environment, tackle the climate crisis, and protect the public’s health. Our waters, our health and safety, our environment, and our climate depend on the health of our democracy.

The network of water protection organizations across the country can make a difference to help ensure all votes are counted.

To learn about actions your organization can take to ensure we #CountEveryVote, see the Combined Defense Project’s #CountEveryVote Post-Election Digital Campaign.

We look forward to working together with our network to spread the word that our priority is a fair election, not a fast one. #CountEveryVote


Protecting Democracy Resources

Notes on Post-Election Timing:
Nov 4 – Vote Counting Continues
Dec 8 – Certification “Safe Harbor” Deadline
Dec 14 – Electoral College Votes, States Submit Election Results to Congress
Jan 3 – A New Congress Convenes
Jan 6 – Congress Ratifies Election Results
Jan 20Inauguration

Pre-Election & Get Out the Vote

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 General Election will be like no other. In typical years, many NGOs work to make sure their audiences are motivated to vote, are registered to vote, and know where and how to vote. Now, with COVID-19, there’s a new, crucial role NGOs can play – make sure your audiences know how to VOTE BY MAIL.

Here is how you can help more people in your state know how to vote in the upcoming election:

  • Share information on how to Vote-From-Home (i.e. Absentee Vote) in your state


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