River Voices April 2016 Issue: Restoring Flows to Our Rivers

Table of Contents

  • Clean Water Act Tools for Sustainable Waters by Lisa Perras Gordon, U.S. EPA, Region 4
  • No More Money Down the Drain: New State Policies Help Stop Leaks in Drinking Water Systems by Larry Levine, NRDC
  • Net Blue: Making New Development Sustainable by Mary Ann Dickinson and Bill Christiansen, Alliance for Water Efficiency
  • Collaborative Approaches to Flow Restoration: Georgia’s Flint River by Ben Emanuel, American Rivers
  • The Big Dam Controversy by Cindy Martin, Let Rivers Flow

In this Issue

April 2016 River voicescoverThis issue of River Voices explores the topic of water security through a series of articles designed to expand your understanding of where and why our rivers are in trouble and what you can do to make a difference. To do more, we must know how much water our rivers need (e.g., what range of flows over what duration and at what frequency and timing are necessary for ecological function) and what we can do to return this water or reduce withdrawals. And of course, who we can collaborate with for lasting change. Thank you to all of our contributors!

Resource Materials