River Voices January 2017: Integrated Water Management

Table of Contents

  • Integrated Water Management—How We Got Here and Where We’re Headed by Lynn Broaddus
  • San Francisco’s Non-Potable Water Program: From Pilot to Policy by Paula Kehoe
  • Smart Water Management Supports People and Nature Thriving Together by Nancy Stoner
  • A New Collaborative Is Working Together on Integrated Approaches to Upgrading New Jersey’s Water Infrastructure by Elaine R. Clisham
  • Resilience: Not Just for Rivers by Jeremy Diner

In this Issue

In this issue of River Voices, we have a great collection of articles from a diverse set of contributors, all with decades of experience and insight on what integrated water management means and why it is important. From the nonprofit sector and foundation perspective, to consultants and utilities, each article is easy to access, fast-paced, and full of links and new information to introduce you to and expand your understanding of integrated water management.

Resource Materials