River Voices July 2015: Green Infrastructure and Urban Rivers

July IssueTable of Contents

The Urban Water Landscape: by Bob Zimmerman
From Gray to Green: by Evan Branosky
Getting RainReady: by Harriet Festing
Urban Green Infrastructure: by Chris Dreps
Transformative Change: by Jill Jedlicka and Susan Kornacki
Solutions to Drought: by Tree People

In This Issue

Many of us meet our first river in a city, either because of our curiosity about the water that flows through our faucets and backyards or because the city happens to be located adjacent to a major river.

What we find when we look closer at our urban areas are rivers that are overworked and often overlooked, places that we have turned our back on, or manipulated and engineered to make way for buildings and industry.

What would happen if we tried a different approach with the waters that pass through our cities? What if instead of turning our back on these waters and managing them for fast exit from our urban areas, we turned toward them? What if instead of pushing them underground and into pipes and concrete, we brought them out into the open? Could we bring back their ecological function while also delivering benefit to our communities?

– Nicole Silk, President

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