River Voices Oct 2016 Issue: Science for River Advocates

Table Of Contents

  • Landscape and Social Principles Related to River Restoration by Robert Naiman, Courtland Smith, and Bruce Rieman
  • Dancing with Scientists to Protect Rivers by Mary Freeman
  • New Approaches and New Platforms Catalyzing Environmental Restoration by John Dawes
  • River Advocates and the Master Variable by Adam Griggs
  • Communicating Science Effectively using Killer Graphics and Compelling Stories  by Jane Thomas and Bill Dennison

In this Issue

river-voices_cover_october2016In this issue of River Voices, we have a great collection of articles from leading scientific voices to get you thinking about how our rivers work, how we use science to help spark our communities and our society to do more, and opportunities to deploy science to better communicate what our rivers need to remain healthy, thriving, and sustainably managed.  Thank you contributors!

Rivers are the pulse of our planet, and just like our own bodies, using these vital signs to identify opportunities to become healthier is crucial. Science can help.

Resource Materials