River Voices Volume 10 Number 3+4, 1999-2000: Understanding How Rivers Work

1 Understanding How Rivers Work
by Don Elder

3 From the President

6 Watershed Health 101

13 Getting Started by Geoff Dates by Geoff Dates

19 The Wide World of Volunteer Monitoring by Eleanor Ely

22 Missouri Stream Team by Tim Rielly

24 GREEN: Helping Youth Get Their Feet Wet

26 Moving from Data to Information by Geoff Dates

30 Locating Existing Information
by Gayle Killam

32 Using Information to Generate Action by Gayle Killam

35 Using Graphs to Tell Your Story
by Meg Kerr

38 Rivers of Colorado Water Watch Network by Barb Horn

41  The Charles River: Testing the Waters

42  Hudson River Basin Watch

43  Guiding Principles

44  References & Resources

46 River Network Partnership

Resource Materials