River Voices Volume 15 Number 3-4, 2005: Protecting Rivers From the Groundwater Up

Table of Contents

1 Protecting Our Rivers from the Groundwater Up by Thomas C. Winter, Judson W. Harvey, O. Lehn Franke & William M. Alley

3 From the President

10 Working with the USGS by W.F. Horak & G.V. Steele

16 Case Study: The Importance of Long-term Monitoring by Marc Taylor

18 Linking Groundwater to Aquatic Biodiversity by Jenny Brown, Leslie Bach, Allison Aldous

22 Voices from the Field

26 A Pernicious Threat by Robert Glennon

29 Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions by Dennis Wichelns

31 Case Study: Ground Truthing Groundwater by Melissa Scanlan

34 Case Study: Columbia River Slough by Eric Kellon

36 Water, Science and Sustainable Development by Robert Zimmerman

40 Case Study: The Appalachian Coal Country Watershed Team by Dana Zufall

42  Resources & References

43  River Network Partnership

Resource Materials