River Voices Volume 18 Number 2, 2008: Integrated Watershed Protection: Making Tough Decisions Together

Table of Contents

1 Integrated Watershed Protection: Making Tough Decisions Together by Gayle Killam & Wendy Wilson

3 From the President

5 Engaging Government and Business in Planning Change by Waverly de Bruijn

8 Collaboration Triggers Confluence of Watershed Strategies by Kendra Smith & Gayle Killam

11 Bringing the Community Together to Restore Watershed and Human Health by Steve Dickens

14 Engaging Mayors in Watershed Protection by Waverly de Bruijn & Merritt Frey

17 Creating a Model for Sustainable Watershed Protection by Waverly de Bruijn

21 Integrating Science, Community Outreach and Education by Waverly de Bruijn

24 Integrated Watershed Protection Assessment

31  Lessons of Integration by Wendy Wilson & Merritt Frey

32  Voices from the Field

34  Resources & References

35  Partner Pitch

Resource Materials