River Voices Volume 21 Number 1, 2011: Clean Water Act (and other) Strategies for Citizen Activists

Table of Contents

1 Clean Water Act Strategies for Citizen Activists by Robert W. Adler
3 Letter from the President
9 Getting Started
10 Improving State Biocriteria Programs Provides Broader Support for Water Quality Management by Chris O. Yoder
13 Protecting Reference Streams by Gayle Killam & Judy Petersen
16 The (Possible) Power of Water Quality Certification to Protect Habitat & Flow by Merritt Frey
19 Can the TMDL Program Help? by Merritt Frey
22 Voices from the Field
26 Managing Stormwater for Habitat & Aquatic Species
30 Resources & References
31 Partner Pitch

Resource Materials