River Voices Volume 22 Number 4, 2012: Hitting Your Social Media Stride: Strategies and Best Practices for Nonprofits

Table of Contents

1 Strategies and Best Practices for Nonprofits by Bart Mihailovich
3 Letter from the President
8 Social Media Site Comparison by PowerUp Social
10 Influencing Public Policy in the Digital Age by Alliance for Justice
16 Creating a Social Media Policy by Ben Stuart & Andrea Berry
21 CASE STUDY: Making Clean Choices for Clean Water by Lyn Crighton
24 Voices from the Field
26 Measuring & Monitoring Social Media by Andrea Berry & Chris Bernard
29 10 Things You’re Doing Wrong with Social Media by Chris Bernard
31 40 Social Media Tips for Nonprofit Organizations by Shama Kabani
33 Resources and References
35 Partner Pitch

Resource Materials