River Voices Volume 22 Number 3, 2012: Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources

Table of Contents:

1 Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources by Heather Cooley
3 Letter from the President
8 The National Front in the Fight Against Fracking by Nadia Steinzor
12 The True Cost of Fracking by Steve Dickens
16 The Fracking Frenzy’s Impact on Women by Sara Jerving
19 When Fracking Comes to Your Watershed by Trent Dougherty & Melanie Houston
21 Combining the Power of Science and the Power of Communities by Julie Vastine
25 New York State Residents Stand Firm by Hilary Lambert
27 CASE STUDY: Delaware River Watershed Community
30 Voices from the Field
34 Partner Pitch

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