River Voices Volume 23 Number 4, 2013: Basic Knowledge for Financial Success

Table of Contents

1 Basic Knowledge for Financial Success by Bill Davis
3 Letter from the Chair by Suzi Wilkins Berl
5 Accounting 101 by Hilary Coley
9 Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statements by Dugan & Lopatka
11 Cash vs. Accrual by Hilary Coley
12 Budgeting Checklist by Nonprofits Assistance Fund
13 Principles & Procedures for More Reliable Forecasts & Better Budgets
by Don Elder
19 Details for Budgeting Program Expenses by Nancy Church
22 Grant Management for Nonprofits by Dahna Goldstein
24 Managing Restricted Grants by the Nonprofit Risk Management Center
27 Is it Time for an Audit? by Jeanne Bell
30 Resources
31 Partner Pitch

Resource Materials