River Voices Volume 6 Number 1, 1995: Using Economics as a River Conservation Tool

Table of Contents:

1 – Using Economics as a River Conservation Tool by Stephen 0. Andersen, J. Glenn Eugster, and Rolf Diamant

3 – Letter from the President by Phillip Wallin

5 – Economic and Symbolic River Values by Phillip Wallin

8  – Putting River Economics Data to Work by David Brown 1 1 Rivers are Magnets for Tourism by Roger Harrison

12 – How to Assess the Economic Benefits of Fisheries by Tony Fedler

14 – Bull Run: A Case Study in Foresight….and Mismanagement by Regna Merritt

16 – Hard-earned Lesson from the Midwest Floods by Kate Hanson and Ursula Lemanski

18 – Balancing Power Generation with other River Values by Jane Peirce

20 – Letters to the Editor

21 – References and Resources

22 – How You Can Benefit From Joining the River Network Partnership

23 – River Network Partners and Supporters

24 How to get a copy of How to Save a River

Resource Materials