Stormwater Discharge Permits

Summary: This will be an intermediate training with some assumption that you understand the fundamental elements of the NPDES Permits. This training is suitable for river and watershed organizations, land trusts, tribal governments, smart growth organizations or neighborhood associations interested in better understanding federal stormwater program requirements under the Clean Water Act. It is recommended that all attendees have also attended the above webinar on NPDES Permit overview.

When stormwater is collected and discharged into waterbodies it is classified as a “point source” of pollution. This collection can be through the stormdrain system or it can be via any “discrete conveyance.” Municipalities of a certain size and other public entities with stormdrain systems, construction sites of a certain size and industrial activities are generally required to apply for stormwater discharge permits and to develop stormwater management plans. If you are interested in better understanding the basic requirements of these permits and some ways to influence them to protect your watershed from the scouring effects of and pollutants in stormwater flows, please join us for this webinar.

What will you learn in Stormwater Discharge Permits?

  • Who is required to obtain a stormwater permit
  • What is required by the permits
  • Tips for reviewing the permits – how to get them, what materials you need
  • What to ask for in the permits and the stormwater management plans

Resource Materials