Strategic Planning in 15 Minutes or Less

River Network staff will guide you through some key aspects of strategic planning in this four-part series. Short and impactful, with each episode under 15 minutes to easily fit into your schedule, we’ll review what’s included in a strategic plan process, things to consider before hiring a consultant, special considerations for coalitions and collaboratives, and tricks for keeping your plan relevant.

Spanish subtitles and English captions are available for all four videos below; click the gear icon, then “Subtitles/CC” to turn on.

Episode 1 – Strategic Planning: What & Why?  

Explore why organizations should embark on a strategic planning process, what is typically included in an organization’s plan, and River Network’s step-by-step approach. 

Download River Network’s Strategic Planning Process Outline

Episode 2 – Strategic Planning: Hiring Help… and Making the Most of It

Whether it’s your first time doing strategic planning, or you’ve been part of the process dozens of times, River Network has time-tested guidance on how to make the most of your time with a strategic planning consultant.

Download our sample scope of work here. We’ve also borrowed a recent RFP from our friends at the Choose Clean Water Coalition, who wrote this concise and simple request for a consultant (made available with permission).

Episode 3 – Strategic Planning: For Networks and Collaboratives  

Strategic Planning at the coalition/network level means balancing expectations, but including a diverse set of voices. In this episode, we will cover key concepts to ensure your planning process is inclusive and transparent, and how to allow for different opportunities for your members to participate.

Download our Planning Committee Job Description template and, if helpful, refer to our Group Agreements as an example.

Episode 4 – Strategic Planning: Keeping It Relevant

You have a strategic plan…now what? We’ll dive into how to utilize your strategic plan, ensuring all of the hard work your organization invested in it pays off!

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